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Monta VistaCompetitive Programming Club

Meetings every Monday at Lunch in D105. Join us to learn about competitive programming and the USA Computing Olympiad!

About Competitive Programming

What is Competitive Programming?

Competitive programming is an activity where participants compete to solve algorithmic problems within a fixed time frame ranging from 2-8 hours.

Critical Problem Solving

Competitive programming teaches participants to solve problems using critical thinking and modern computational techniques, important skills to address complex problems in the 21st century.

Programming Interviews

Many interviews for technology companies like Google require applicants to solve algorithmic problems to demonstrate capability. If you're familiar with competitive programming, these problems will be easy!

College Applications

Getting into USACO Gold, Platinum, and especially Camp provides a significant boost to your college application.

Make Connetions

Get to know other highly talented students who are interested in competitive programming, as they might be your coworkers someday! Making connections is always useful!


Monta Vista has a lot of clubs that focus on computer-related subjects. But none of the other clubs emphasize competitive programming, nor do they have a track record like us. Here are some of our club’s achievements in the past three years:

  • Over 20 members have been promoted into the USACO’s highest division, the Platinum Division.
  • Members have made four first-time USACO Finalist appearances (top 26 in the nation!), two second-time USACO Finalist appearances (top 13 in the nation!), and one third-time USACO Finalist appearance!
  • In local competitions like Stanford ProCo and Harker Programming Invitational, MVCPC members appear all over the leaderboards.

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People working on laptops

Next Steps

Here's what you need to do to join.

  • Make a USACO account at so you are ready for when the competition season begins in December.
  • Create an account on the USACO Guide and join the MVCPC Group
  • Fill out the interest form to be added to the mailing list.